Autostainer Link 48

Autostainer 48Automatic immunohistochemistry machine, suitable for incisions of paraffin, cryostat, cytological smears and histochemical staining. Completely open system, with the possibility of painting 48 slides at the same time.

It accepts up to 64 reagents and antibodies with a capacity of up to 15 ml and has advanced software that reduces the time of the staining process.

It has a special nozzle delivery system through nozzles made of teflon coated steel, which is washed properly after each step.

Operates at room temperature (18o-26o C).

There is also a special sensor in the muzzle which warns the user if there is an appropriate amount of reagent required in each vial. The volume of the reagent volume to be injected is 100, 150, 200, 400, 600μl per plate.

Autostainer PT

Autostainer PT

Special device for the simultaneous de-paraffinization, hydration and release of antigenicity completely automatically in 90 minutes.

It has two different tile receiving tanks for the simultaneous execution of two different protocols, with a capacity of 48 slides at the same time.

Operates at temperatures up to 99o C.



Automatic hematoxylin – eosin coating staining machine with automatic transfer inside the machine, with the possibility of staining and coating 240 slides per hour.

Fully automatic process of furnace, de-paraffin, staining, dehydration, coating and drying of slides, which are delivered ready for the microscope.

The appliance is fully enclosed and has a system for collecting fumes and removing them to protect the operator.


EnVision HRP, detection kit

Special EnVision step peroxidase immunohistochemical staining kit, in which the secondary antibody is bound to the peroxidase with a polymer-based Dextran method. Includes the chromogen DAB plus and its buffer. In addition, it includes the antigen retrieval reagent with a pH of 9.0 and the concentrated rinsing solution sufficient for 600 stains.