BDA Compact

BDA CompactBDA Digital Compact is Biometra’s most versatile gel analysis and imaging system. It combines amazing resolution and high sensitivity even in attenuated signals.


Bio II Advance plus

Bio II Advance plusClass II Vertical Thread Flow Chamber (Biosafety), suitable for all types of samples. It has two HEPA filters, laminated side windows and a UV lamp.


TProfessional Family

 T Professional ThermocyclerThe T Professional Thermocycler has a gold-plated head for corrosion protection with high temperature uniformity of +/- 0.2οC. Combines Peltier technology offering high heating and cooling speeds. It is equipped with a smart heated cover mechanism that provides uniform pressure on the samples and is very easy to program.

MINI-V/PCR Compact Vertical Laminar Flow Bench

MINI-V/PCR Compact Vertical Laminar Flow BenchVertical Thread Flow Table Chamber, perfectly suitable for the safe preparation of samples for PCR, so that there is complete protection against contamination. It has two HEPA filters and a UV lamp.

Maxwell RSC

Automatic isolation of nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) from a wide variety of samples such as whole blood, serum, plasma, swab, tissues, etc.