Special device for In Situ hybridization applications and FISH & CISH methods.

  • Capacity 12 slides
  • Temperature range from 50o to 99o C
  • Temperature rise time from 37o to 95o C only 2 minutes
  • Corresponding cooling time in 5 minutes
  • Ability to store 40 programs
  • Possibility of incubation at a constant temperature
  • Temperature stability +/- 1st C


FISH & CISH probes


Duo CISH kit, dual staining system (AP / HRP) for In Situ hybridization applications in fluorescent probes marked Red / FITC, for greater ease of use.

PNA probes, using the nucleic acid peptide (PNA), an analogous nucleotide that can bind to DNA or RNA in a sequence in a specific manner.